Keywords: public administration, local self-government, the mechanism of local self-government


The article identifies the principles of self-government of territorial communities and indicates the level of implementation.

The article used the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine, which stipulates that people in general, municipalities, residents of villages, towns and cities involved in the management of the state authorities or local governments.

The author analyzes the development of local self-government as a prerequisite for the organization of an active territorial community.

The article analyzes the conceptual approaches to sustainable local development in the prism of decentralization.

The process of transformation of local self-government, reformatting of responsibilities and clear division of powers between state authorities and local self-government bodies is studied.

The author made a systematic analysis of the powers delegated to local governments in the fields of education and health care and highlighted the negative consequences and contradictions on their implementation.

The article reveals that today in Ukraine there is no system of developed and approved social norms and standards and states that in this regard the state budget does not provide full funding for delegated powers to local governments in the field of education and health. The procedure for reforming the system of local self-government mechanisms in Ukraine through the compliance of changes with state social standards and regulations that guarantee the protection of citizens’ interests.

The author proved that the calculation of funding in the fields of education and health care is in dire need of improvement. The volume of educational and medical subventions and actual expenses that do not meet the objective criteria are studied and the inconsistency of the financial norm of budget provision with the real expenses is indicated.